Cheerful Careers

Are you considering a career change but are not sure where to start or are simply feeling a bit stuck? If you are after some help and inspiration to figure out what you want and how to get there, you have come to the right place.

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I support mums who want to make changes in their career to become focused on what they really want and get inspired so that they can start moving towards their goals, one step at a time. I offer one to one coaching that focuses on helping you figure out what you really want and need out of your career right now. This way finding a happy career becomes something that’s not just a vague dream, but a practical project that you can get stuck into. Once you know what your ideal is, we work on turning this into the next phase of your career project, with manageable steps so that you can start moving towards you cheerful career.

I firmly believe that your career can be a fun part of your life! Your work does not have to be miserable and soul destroying and just because it is quite common for people to not particularly enjoy their work doesn't mean its "right" or "normal". You don't have to settle for that if you don't want to, and you are allowed to earn money doing something you actually enjoy! Finding work that works for you takes effort and often time, but it is absolutely possible. It also sets a brilliant example for your children. How they see you handle your career has a huge impact on what they will expect from theirs in the future and what they believe is possible. So what example do you want to set for them? If you are ready for a change, follow the Cheerful Careers Facebook page for tips and inspiration or get in touch with me at




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