About me

As I write this I realise I have been working in careers for ten years, and it is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding career for me. I have always enjoyed talking to people, finding out about what inspires and motivates them and loved helping others to achieve their goals. Having grown up in Germany, I moved to Southampton to complete a degree in Audio Technology, with the aim to become a sound engineer. Even though I loved the course and gained a first class degree, I realised soon after graduation that this was no longer the career path I wanted to follow. I had worked for university open days and the clearing hotlines and enjoyed working with the students, so after a lot of thinking, research and a year of working in a student support role, I decided to return to higher education. 



I completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance at the University of Reading, graduating with Distinction, as well as gaining the Qualification in Careers Guidance.

After several years of working for a local authority providing careers advice in schools and colleges I decided to take the plunge and set up on my own. I am committed to my professional development, am on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals and am a member of the Career Development Institute and adhere to their code of ethical principles, which include confidentiality, impartiality and continuous professional development. In 2014 I decided to return to higher education again, this time studying for a MA in Careers. Although it was very demanding to study alongside working fulltime hours, I really enjoyed the research dissertation and graduate with distinction.

Outside work I love spending time with my very energetic toddler, and on the rare occasion she and work allow me a little extra time I love taking horse riding lessons and trying to stop our garden returning to wilderness.

I have worked hard on finding a fulfilling career and I believe that everyone should have the chance to find the right path for them. Getting professional careers advice and coaching can be a valuable step towards this.


Metis (pronounced MEE-tiss) was the Greek titan goddess of good council, advice and planning, as well as cunning, craftiness and wisdom. With this in mind, I felt this was a suitable name to use for my website and trading name for the careers services I offer.

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